False Propaganda.

Today’s futuristic drawing comes from Jacob Kassnoff; “False Propaganda.”


Giraffes with Moustaches.

Today’s drawings come from English Prevo; Giraffes with Moustaches!

For Illustration Month, I drew a few things from Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days.

Character drawings of Passepartout, Mr. Fogg, and Sir Francis.

Traveling by Elephant.

See more of my work here.

Owls in Wood.

Today’s submission come from Liza & Jerry Sullivan. It’s a wood burnt drawing inspired by the movie Guardians.

Palms In January.

Our first submission comes from David Kassnoff, with photos for his poem entitled “Palms in January.”



I went looking for palms in January

Thinking of a warmer place

When I found the coast was clear, mostly

Where the boats all are wrapped in cellophane

And my footsteps have no echo, no refrain

Out by the bridge, swans huddle in low-angled sun

Just a weary wedge on the run

Fleeing the snarling spike-wheeled motorbikes

With only dark mallards for company

Just birds and me, looking for palms in January

My beaches should all wear white sugar sand

Thinking of a warmer face

And my footfalls should wash away in the wind

Except here, they’re just frozen in crystallized time

Where I’d rather walk with that very good friend of mine.

The Odd Fellows Hall is closed, shuttered, and gone

But steelheads whirl in the sky

Only working ships hug the river of this harbor town

No umbrella drinks sipped by the Genesee today

Lighthouse is dark, and the plastic palm trees don’t sway

I went walking a coastline in January

Thinking of a warmer place

But the north coast holds no winter mystery

It’s just frosted in frigid topography

Where I’d rather walk with that very good friend of mine.

D. Kassnoff 1/31/2011

Today is the last day of Illustration Month. Hope you are having fun drawing, painting, taking photos, or sculpting! Send your finished images (in .jpeg format), along with a link to your own blog or website, to illustration.month@gmail.com, and they’ll be posted on the blog throughout February.

With a little over a week left in Illustration Month, pencils and brushes are flying and shutters are clicking, but if you still need some inspiration to draw upon, check out these awesome design sites:

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